Thursday, December 21, 2006

OK Go on 20/20, Live TV, and all over the Web
Friday, December 29 on 20/20:
The boys were interviewed by ABC's 20/20 for their 2006: Caught On Tape year-end review show. They also taped some of the Detroit show.

New Year's Eve on CD Now:
OK Go is performing a full set for Direct TV's CD USA New Year's Eve broadcast, which will be taped live in Las Vegas (get tickets!). And if you miss the live broadcast, you can see them perform "Here It Goes Again" at 11:30 pm on--you guessed it--the FoxNews channel.

Other Stuff To Keep You Busy:

* Five Rounds with OK Go
* Damian in Rolling Stone and Sirens Mag
* HIGA is the year's #1 Viral Video, according to AdAge and DoCopenhagen
* It's also one of the year's top 5 singles, says Associated Content.
* OK Go All Up in Your iTunes Workout
* OK Go iTunes Video Triple Play
* Multiple part OK Go interview in the AT&T Blue Room
* Multiple part OK Go interview on BroadJam
* OK Go on an inflatable reindeer.
Last Minute Holiday Gifts
It's not too late to get holiday gifts from our merch store. If you order today, you'll receive your stuff by early-to-mid January, at the very latest.

For gifts you can actually give on Christmas (or HumanLight), think about a gift certificate from DonorsChoose, a very cool non-profit that our friend Oliver helps run.

DonorsChoose lets you give to teachers who need funds for specific things like supplies, books, class trips, etc. Two examples: CD Drive for Kindergartners and Arts Assemblies for a Residential Program. And please consider giving any gifts in honor of "OK Go and The Punishing Fist of Rock 'n Roll" or something cool like that.

Friday, December 15, 2006

OK Go on Carson Daly Tonight!
The boys perform tonight on Last Call with Carson Daly, so just like that your 'what to do on Friday night?' dilemma is solved. Congrats!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cal Robbins Needs Your Help
Once upon a time there was a band called Jawbox. They were a huge influence on Damian, who saw them perform dozens of times in high school gyms and rented-out churches. We just found out that Cal Robbins, the newborn son of Jawbox's lead singer, has been diagnosed with a terrible genetic disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy.  DeSoto Records has set up a family fund to help out with their medical bills.  You can donate to it here.  To learn more about SMA, and to find other ways to help, check out the SMA Foundation.


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Three OK Go Interviews For You And Yours.
I hope you like OK Go interviews, because here's a bunch of them.

AT&T Blue Room: The boys went to the AT&T Blue Room and blew some minds with talk about bugs and rock and stuff. Watch those, and then watch exclusive performances of Invincible, Oh Lately It's So Quiet, and Here It Goes Again.

BroadJam: Last week you saw part one of the 4-piece exclusive OK Go interview on Broadjam. Now they've finally posted Part 2. Well, Parts 2a and 2b. And also Parts 1a, 1b & 1c. Next week comes Parts 3.

The Reindeer Dissection: OK Go has signed an inflatable reindeer for the Virgin Mobile Charity Auction. You can bid on it here. And you can watch what happens when you give OK Go an inflatable reindeer on youtube.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mind Status: Blown
OK Go has been nominated for a Grammy.

Allow me to repeat that: OK Go has been nominated for a Grammy. The category is "Best Short Form Music Video."

This is officially my favorite moment in Grammy Award history (Sorry, ODB!). But that could change on February 11th, especially if they win. Because it would sure be a lot of fun to hear Damian thank his strength and Tim thank his cunning.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Vote for OK Go Big in '06 and OK Go Drunk in '07
OK Go is in the running for "Big Download of '06" on VH1's Big In '06 awards, with close competition from LonelyGirl15 and WeirdAlYankovic47. Go here to vote for Big In '06 and to compare Tim's sexy baldness with that of Cee-lo Green's. "Here It Goes Again" is also in the running for the title of Absolut Music Video at It's in the Absolute 100 section of the site. Why do we care? Because at some point in the next fifty years drummer Dan Konopka will meet Spike Jonze at a party. And he wants to be able to say "Um, pardon me, Spike... in your FACE!" Please note that only people old enough to convince a computer they're over 21 are allowed to vote.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Reminder: Free Shows in LA Monday, NY Tuesday, LA Thursday
See OK Go for free THIS MONDAY in LA:
As mentioned in the last post by ol' Mr. Repetitive, OK Go will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Dec 21, but the show is taping this Monday, Dec 4th. They'll be doing a five-song mini concert, including a Christmas song that even I, the band's collective electronic inner consciousness, have never seen them play. Get free tickets HERE.

See OK Go for free THIS TUESDAY in NYC:
OK Go is playing a special show for Stuff Magazine somewhere in New York on Tuesday night. We have about 100 tickets to give away by Monday at 5pm. If you're 21+ and are going to be in NYC on Tuesday, and want to have the time of your life, then email akman [at] for details.

See OK Go for free THIS THURSDAY in LA:
Is it secret rocketpacks or white magic? I'm not telling. But somehow or another the boys are going to get from LA to NY and back to LA to perform on Last Call with Carson Daly on the 7th. The actual show airs on the 15th, so you'll have 8 full days of being better than everyone else if you go to the taping. Get Tickets here.
Limited Edition OK Go Ties & Buttons Soon To Get A Lot More Limited
You knows ties & buttons our friends at A Fine Tooth have been selling? Well, there are only ten items left, including one tie that the the designer stole from OK Go's dressing room. Because they're sneaky designery bastards, the A Fine Tooth people refuse to disclose which tie it is or which band member it used to belong to until after the auctions end. They're trying to make up for their sneaky bastardry by randomly picking two of the last ten items and throwing a free brooch in there with the tie or button, which is pretty cool, I guess. See if you can guess which one's the mystery tie: A Fine Tooth eBay store.