Friday, July 22, 2005

Comment, Comment, Comment Chameleon

Photo stolen from CinnamonLips, who took it yesterday. Check her site.

This is open thread number two. Post comments about the NYC, NJ or Chicago shows, or about anything else you like, OK Go-related or otherwise. Just comment. Or go to the OK Go bulletin board, and comment there.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Saturday At The Jersey Shore
How's this for late notice? OK Go is playing a show this Saturday in New Jersey. It's a radio show, hosted by G Rock Radio. There's a bunch of bands, including the lovely Hot Hot Heat. It's an all day show, and OK Go is playing early in the day because they've got to hop a plane to go to Chicago for Lollapalooza.

The show is at Joey Harrison's Surf Club. Tickets at Ticketmaster. All ages, cheap tickets, hot sun. Go.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

OK Go Has A Street Team
Yeah, I know: what a bunch of sellouts. GWAR doesn't have a street team. Neither does Witch Taint. Well, do either of those bands have a sweet video of OK Go recording in Sweden? No? Then quit your whinnying and click here to join the team, stop comparing them with OK Go and join the street team, which is tentatively called The OK Go Juggling Club. Sign up today. Members get access to that video, and the chance to tell everybody they've been bribed by a major label recording artist. GO!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Long Rock Off A Short Pier
OK Go is playing a couple of shows. One is a free show in New York City at Pier 54 and the other is a little thing called Lollapalooza.


Many months ago, I promised Kalinda that I would post this visual representation of the phrase "incredibly sweet." Here it is.

Pam has a bunch of photos from the Montreal, Toronto, and Chicago shows.

And, finally...

JezebelSeven has a bunch of photos from the long-ago show in Seminole, FL, including pictures of the boys rocking the old, semi-forgotten original dance.

Thanks, everybody!

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