Monday, February 27, 2006

Oh No Is In Shoppes
Oh No has finally been released in the UK, after a very intensive vetting process that included high level background checks, extensive paramilitary training, and the traditional 3-month naked quarantine. You'll be happy to know that the album cleared (or plowed right through) every hurdle that was placed in front of it. Needless to say, it's pretty excited to come home with you tonight, so pick up a copy if you have the pounds and inclination.

Upcoming UK Tour Dates:

March 22, Glasgow - Art School - £7.50
March 23, Liverpool - Academy II - £7.50
March 24, Birmingham - Academy II - £7.50
March 26, Nottingham - Rock City Basement - £7.50
March 27, Cardiff - University CF10 - £7.50
March 28, Oxford - Zodiac - £7.50
March 29, Portsmouth - Wedgewood Rooms - £8
March 30, London - Scala - £8.50
March 31, Bristol - Academy 'Ramshackle' - ?

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Tomorrow: Mancow. March 1st: Kimmel. Today: More Hounding
So, this just in: The boys will be on the Mancow In The Morning show, heard locally (to people in Chicago) on q101. They'll probably be on sometime between 9:30 and 10am, talking about the brutally rocking set they're going to perform that evening at the Chicago Auto Show. Pretty pictures at

and... On Wednesday, Mar. 1st, OK Go will rock Jimmy Kimmel's pants off when they perform on his show, Jimmy Kimmel Live. That'll be fun.

and... In case I've forgotten to mention it this week (check the archives to make sure), the UK single was released. There are three versions: a 7-inch Vinyl, a CD Single, and an Enhanced CD with the dance video, their cover of "The Lovecats," and a brand new, never-released b-side called "Down For The Count." Don't worry, there's no actual counting involved. Click on the links above to pick up a copy.

Wow. Sorry about the hounding. It won't happen again. For awhile.

don't fight the feeling,


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Free(ish) Show: Pontiac Garage @ Chicago Auto Show
OK Go is playing the Pontiac Garage at the Chicago Auto Show on Friday, Feb. 17th. The show is sponsored by Pontiac and Q101, and it's free with admission to the auto show, and even more free without it, which is reason enough to go to to win tickets. You can also try calling q101, asking them to play OK Go, and then asking for tickets. Alternately, we recommend you go to a Pontiac dealership, buy a brand new Pontiac, and then ask them to give you tickets to the show. We absolutely guarantee that they'll hook you up.
UK NEWS FLASH: UK Street Team, Pics from Soccer AM
Hey. OK Go has a brand new UK Street Team. Sign up for it here: UK Street Team. And read about what it is you're getting into when you do right over here.

Here are gentlemen at Soccer AM. Click on the pics to see them all big and pretty on Flickr
OK Go with Hard-Fi at Soccer AMOK Go with Tim Lovejoy and Helen Chamberlain

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Chapter Fifty-Seven: Literally, A Blog Entry
So, we've completed our hectic week of UK promo and we're supposed to get on a plane in a few hours, but I'm too wired for sleep at this moment. Maybe it's because I've tried to stay on US time and go to bed at 5am and wake up at 1pm. Of course, because there're things to do earlier than that it hasn't worked and I've just been tired all the time. One of these days I'll figure out jetlag.

I was just thinking, though: have you ever noticed how often people misuse the word "literally," and, usually, hilariously. "That show literally sucked!" Actually, sounds like a pretty good show to me. One of my friends from college, when describing a particularly fun evening exclaimed, "We LITERALLY had a blast!" So, there was some sort of suicide bombing, or, you had to toss out your underwear the morning after? One of Tim's British friends says things like, "It was literally bonkers," or (my favorite), "this town is literally full of mentalists," which, I won't even begin to figure out what the fuck she's talking about.

When you think about it, "literally" used properly is pretty boring. But the next time you hear someone using it in the place of "really", I guarantee it's going to be good stuff.

Also, can you fucking believe Dick Cheney shot a 78-year-old man in the face? In an effort to reassure the public, the emergency room doctor "estimated that Mr. Whittington had more than 5 but 'probably less than 150 to 200' pellets lodged in his body." Just humor me and re-read that sentence. Imagine if you were the victim and you had this conversation with the doctor:

Doctor: "So, I've got some good news and some bad news."
You: "OK."
Doctor: "The bad news is that you have at least five shotgun pellets lodged in your body."
You: "OK, yeah, I mean, that sounds pretty bad."
Doctor: "But, on the bright side, it's less than 150, well, DEFINITELY less than 200. Hmm, ok, PROBABLY less than 150 to 200."
You: "Oh, OK, well, I guess that's not so bad. I mean, it's ONLY 150 to 200 small pieces of metal lodged into parts of my face, neck and chest... yeah, ok, I guess that's not too bad."

Now THERE'S a guy that literally had a blast.

UK News Flash: OK Go on ITV1 News Tonight at 10:30pm
As the entire world is already aware, OK Go unleashed the rock at an in-store appearance at the Earlham St. FOPP in London today. You should have seen it.

And now you can: Tonight at 10:30PM, ITV1 News will show footage of the band and the performance. Tune in, and tell your friends. It's only a couple of hours away.

And while they're on the phone, tell them to buy the single. It's close to breaking into the Top 40 already. If it does, Tim has to eat a snail.

Monday, February 13, 2006

UK Single In Stores; London AudioBlog In Post.
The CD Single. One of them, anyway.The 7inch

The UK Single, "A Million Ways," has hit stores. It's in three different versions, for all you OK Go completists out there: A 7", a CD Single and an extra-awesome Enhanced CD, whose enhancement includes the dance video plus "Down For The Count," a personal favorite of mine.

So... You can go buy those. And you can also go to the UK MicroSite, which is a very small, square website that has also been enhanced. This Enhanced MS* also has the dance video, plus it's got some pretty pictures, links to buy the single, a way to email the video to your mates**, and one really good spelling error for you to find.

As mentioned before, the boys will be playing & signing at FOPP in Covent Garden tomorrow, Tuesday the 14th, at about 4pm or so. If you're going to the show, this message is for you:

2/14/6: London In-Store (mp3)
2/14/6: London In-Store (real audio)
2/14/6: London In-Store (windows media)

that's all for now,



Saturday, February 11, 2006

OK Go Is Hitting The UK, Hard.
Sat. 11 Feb, 9.00: Soccer AM. Click here for the webcam. They'll talk football, do their dance, chant angrilly. More about Soccer AM. More about the chants.

Mon. 13th Feb, 9.30: BBC 6. Morning performance and interview on the Phill Jupitus Show. Watch the webcam.

Mon. 13th Feb, 17.00: XFM. Performance and interview with Ian Camfield on New Music Response. Info here, in-studio webcam here, vote for OK Go here.

Tue. 14th Feb, 16.00: Get all three versions of "A Million Ways" signed at the performance and signing at FOPP in London - Earlham St. More info here.
Hey, UK: "A Million Ways" Hits Stores Next Week
The new single comes out Tuesday 2/13 in the UK, in three wonderful versions. Buy them all, preferably at their in-store performance/signing at FOPP in London - Earlham St. on the 13th. Get details on the shows page.

Special 7” Vinyl
1. A Million Ways
2. This Will Be Our Year

CD Single:
1. A Million Ways
2. This Will Be Our Year

Enhanced CD:
1. A Million Ways
2. Down For The Count
3. Love Cats
4. A Million Ways (video)

Friday, February 10, 2006

AudioBounty: Guelph, Ontario
To see this image, search for To see this image, search for

Thanks a million to Erin Young, John Kiggins, and Matthew Trennum for obeying my audioblog by bringing me postcards from their home towns, with written explanations as to why they're such awesome people. Erin from Elora, Ontario writes "I am awesome because my mom says I'm awesome." It's true, Erin, that does mean you're awesome.

John from the Waterloo region writes, "I am awesome due to the fact I attended the Ok Go show on 6 Feb, 2006." Sadly. Matthew from Ontario does not feel he is awesome because he did not attend the show in Guelph. He does give much credit to his friend John, who delivered the post card. According to Trennum, "John is way more awesome than I am." So you know, that's pretty awesome. Long live the town of Guelph. And that, my friends, is all for now.

Sincerely Forever Sincere,

Tim Nordwind

P.S. Confused? Listen to the original message:

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

AudioBounty: Halifax (late show)
AudioBlog: Stage Nine, Halifax, 31 Jan 06AudioBlog: Stage Nine, Halifax, 31 Jan 06

Thank you to Leah Parker Charest, Katie Adaire, and friends (pictured here), in Halifax, for their clever and compelling comic of Kermit the Frog and OK Go. Although Halifax was cold as balls and covered in a blizzard, I have nothing but fond, warm memories of your lovely town. I can't wait to return, but next time Kaite and Leah had better be there to dig our van out at 3am when the show is done and the bar is closed!


Tim Nordwind

P.S. Confused? Listen to the original message:

P.P.S. Dan thought it would be fun to fuck with my camera. I've included some of his work, in order to shame him forever:
Dan Konopka, Age 10. Stage Nine, Halifax, 31 Jan 06Dan, Age 10. Stage Nine, Halifax, 31 Jan 06
Damian Blogs Again
The Kollected Kulash:

Tour Diary #1: Newfies Get Respect
Tour Diary #2: Mess With Chico DeBarge And You'll Get The Storms
Tour Diary #3: Escape From Halifax
Tour Diary #4: Hurricane Kulash Warning

And remember to check out Chart Attack's OK Go Head Quarters page. They're giving away tickets for every Canadian show.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Audioblogs: Guelph, Hamilton & Waterloo, Ontario
If you're going to the Guelph, Ontario show on Feb 06, this message is for YOU:
2/06/06: Guelph, Ontario(mp3)
2/06/06: Guelph, Ontario(real audio)
2/06/06: Guelph, Ontario(windows media)

If you're going to the Hamilton, Ontario show on Feb 07, this message is for YOU:
2/07/06: Hamilton, Ontario(mp3)
2/07/06: Hamilton, Ontario(real audio)
2/07/06: Hamilton, Ontario(windows media)

If you're going to the Waterloo, Ontario show on Feb 08, this message is for YOU:
2/08/06: Waterloo, Ontario(mp3)
2/08/06: Waterloo, Ontario(real audio)
2/08/06: Waterloo, Ontario(windows media)

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Audioblog: Kingston (Late Show)
If you're going tonight's late show in Kingston, ON, this message is for YOU:
2/04/6: Kingston-late (mp3)
2/04/6: Kingston-late (real audio)
2/04/6: Kingston-late (windows media)

Friday, February 03, 2006

Rock & Roll All Night, Blog and Do Interviews Every Day
Damian has been blogging about the Canadian tour for Chart Attack, and doing a damn entertaining job of it. They've posted two of his entries already, with a third one coming very soon. Catch up on what you've missed:

Tour Diary #1: Newfies Get Respect
Tour Diary #2: Mess With Chico DeBarge And You'll Get The Storms

And if you want to see a show, check out their OK Go Head Quarters page. They're giving away tickets for every show.

Other news: OK Go was written up in both the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald last week, as well as one of our favorites, Pop Matters, and Chart Attack ran an interview with Tim and Damian is calling into a radio show in Alaska today (Friday) at 1:30pm EST. Listen at And stay tuned, because that's only a tenth of what's going on.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Chapter Fifty-Six: Hooligans Are Cool Again
I usually start my first post after a long absence with an apology and an explanation for why you haven't been entertained by me on a daily (or semi-daily, or, let's be realistic, weekly) basis. This time I offer no such pleasantries. The fact is that if I hadn't posted soon, Jorge was going to perform a wrestling move on me that he calls "El Abuelo Sucio," AKA "the dirty grandfather." Needless to say, I wasn't interested in finding out what that was.

When we were in England, Damian, Milosh, our tour manager Mike Kent and I went to an FA Cup soccer-I-mean-football match. Here're all the juicy details:

Leeds United vs. Wigan Athletic

One could say I'm the "sports guy" in the band, meaning that I like following sports, especially baseball, but not meaning that I'm "sporty" or "athletic," because let's face it: I'm not. At some point in high school you've got to trade in your cleats for a guitar if you want to really pursue music. That's what I did, yet somehow I still end up wearing a funny costume and doing a choreographed dance every night. Go figure.

I've never been to a European soccer-I-mean-football game, but have wanted to for a long time, so I scoured the football (which is what 'soccer-I-mean-football' is appropriately called there) fixtures (which is what 'schedule' is weirdly called there) for a game that would fit into our unrelenting schedule. The only match I could find was in Leeds, between Leeds United and Wigan Athletic. Wigan was the better team, but Leeds was also pretty good. We would be rooting for the underdog in their home stadium...perfect.

We got good seats a few rows off the field and, quite luckily, right next to all of Wigan's fans. It was lucky because it put us right in the thick of the crossfire between the Leeds & Wigan boosters, a wonderful place to be since their angry chants were easily the best part of the game. It started nicely enough, with the Leeds fans screaming "We are Leeds! We are Leeds! We are Leeds!" and the Wigan supporters yelling "Come on Wigan! Come on Wigan!" This prompted the Leeds fans to respond with "Fuck off Wigan! Fuck off Wigan!" in the same exact melody and rhythm, and the real game was on. You'll be shocked to hear that OK Go became deeply involved in this exchange, and even more shocked to know that we ended up attaching ourselves to the (usually more vulgar) Leeds side of the argument.

In the States, even at the most heated Red Sox-Yankees games, I've never heard an entire stadium buzz with such gratuitous use of melodic group cussing. I guess Americans view sport as entertainment; the British as life-and-death. Even the seven-year-old in the row behind us was shouting things like, "I don't care if you get sent off... break his legs! BREAK HIS LEGS!! MAKE IT HURT!!!" It was adorable.

The match itself was fantastic. Wigan scored first; Leeds tied it minutes later. In the second half, Wigan again jumped out ahead only to have Leeds tie it with a penalty kick. Regulation time ended and the game went into extra time. In a crushing blow, Wigan scored about ten minutes into overtime. Their fans were rabid... the game was pretty much over and they knew it. Twenty minutes remaining went to fifteen, down to ten, down to eight.

With about seven minutes left, Leeds miraculously sent in the game's equalizer: an authoritative goal that slammed into the back of the net. The stadium went ballistic. Where certain defeat had been in their hearts, the Leeds fans had been given new life - a tie game - and they did what we all do in these situations: they immediately turned on the now-silent fans of the visiting team. Only three hours earlier, I may have passed some of these people on the street, exchanging smiles, "hallo's" and a warm sense of convivial brotherhood. Now I was violently screaming at them to ingest parts of their own genitals, parts of other peoples genitals, and possibly even parts of their family's genitals. I can't remember...I had gone insane, brought to a blurred frenzy by the sight of someone I will never meet kicking a round piece of leather through a rectangle. Behold, the power of sports.

In the end, Leeds lost on penalty kicks and Wigan's fans got the last laugh. It would have been a devastating loss for me, had I grown up in Leeds. But I grew up in the United States, so it was pretty easy to process the outcome intellectually, safe in the knowledge that the Red Sox were two months away from spring training.

Which brings us to the moral of this story: OK Go is badly in need of some soccer-I-mean-football style chants. Please write some for us. They can pit us against other bands, or even pit us against ourselves, band member vs. bandmember. Be creative, be cruel, and always remember: use lots of swearing.