Friday, December 15, 2006

OK Go on Carson Daly Tonight!
The boys perform tonight on Last Call with Carson Daly, so just like that your 'what to do on Friday night?' dilemma is solved. Congrats!


Anonymous nicole said...

i saw the vma dance on youtube, but tonight i was at a friends house and for some reason some hd channel in the 700s (as opposed to me who gets like, 10 channels) was playing the vma's over again?
i saw it again, clearly this time, and i just wanna say i loved all your little expressions and moves that were perfected for the performance.

absolutely great.

1:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went :)

1:51 AM  
Anonymous mmmary said...

I stayed up just for it, I'm glad I did. it was AWESOME.
I really wish I could have been there, but hey, TV is the next best thing :)

5:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It might have been the Carson Daly show, but the stars were definitely OKGo. What a dynamite performance!!! I loved the fact that the fans were standing and allowed to go right up to the stage. Damian and the guys were in great form and ROCKED!!! WOW!!! And I loved the fact that they got to perform two songs, both of which I love. WHAT A GREAT PERFORMANCE!!! Thank you OKGo...

12:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

About those Treadmills...XD I watched the video you did for Here It Goes Again and wow, absolutely, positively awe inspiring. My friends and I were speaking of such a thing, and wondering how we could do such a thing ourselves, perhaps not as well as you, but hopefully just as animated ^_^ But, one question lies unanswered that would seem rather critical. What speed were the treadmills on? Of course too fast would be too difficult and to slow wouldn't work at all, so just for the sake of being a very, very big fan of your music, I thought I would ask so as to accurately portray your treadmill dancing masterly-ness.

With love,
Ps: My email, for obvious purposes, is Thanks!

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The DVD shows background video of the boys practicing at Alvin Ailey before the VMA's. In in they explain that the treadmills are set at 2 miles per hour, or a count of 4. Perhaps this info will help you perfect your moves.

2:28 PM  
Anonymous terren said...

Do you really have eight treadmills?
Carson Daly is one of the least entertaining people... ever. But OK Go was awezzzzzum as per usual.

4:52 PM  
Anonymous Emily said...

Well, big fan i must say. Although I highly doubt you (the band) actually reads these comments being, little celebrities and all. So if you truly listen to your fans and read these please email me at,

Trust me I wont be expecting a message.

But not to be rude, truly I love your music, very catchy. Although I just dont believe in any celeb that checks stuff like this.


11:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why does it have to be at 1:35 am??? thats soo late.. well not really.. but i'm sad i missed it.. but the good thing is, is that i went to the t.v. taping which better but still i wanted to watch it..

1:35 is actually not that late but i had a band concert so it tired me out.. poo.

11:09 PM  
Blogger Clayton said...

I read your upcoming events and only wish I'd realized far enough in advance that you'll be in California tomorrow. My wife and I are big fans.

By the way, Snow Patrol should be "in support of" you guys for a tour.

5:38 PM  

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