Friday, February 10, 2006

AudioBounty: Guelph, Ontario
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Thanks a million to Erin Young, John Kiggins, and Matthew Trennum for obeying my audioblog by bringing me postcards from their home towns, with written explanations as to why they're such awesome people. Erin from Elora, Ontario writes "I am awesome because my mom says I'm awesome." It's true, Erin, that does mean you're awesome.

John from the Waterloo region writes, "I am awesome due to the fact I attended the Ok Go show on 6 Feb, 2006." Sadly. Matthew from Ontario does not feel he is awesome because he did not attend the show in Guelph. He does give much credit to his friend John, who delivered the post card. According to Trennum, "John is way more awesome than I am." So you know, that's pretty awesome. Long live the town of Guelph. And that, my friends, is all for now.

Sincerely Forever Sincere,

Tim Nordwind

P.S. Confused? Listen to the original message:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooh.. the waterloo one is tres bien! very pretty! I like the typeface!

3:04 PM  
Anonymous Leemor said...

to ok go: i came from uruguay to see you guys in montreal, and impressed me more and more as the show went on. damian, i would have bought you a drink, but i was running low on cash, although i did buy a t-shirt. anywho, if you guys ever need to get away to some wacky south american country, remember that you always have somebody in uruguay that will take you in. rock on, Leemor
p.s. i have lots of muppets episodes

9:36 PM  
Anonymous kelso said...

twas was a good show. i particularly enjoyed damian trying to recount lost lyrics from the tip of his lips. Once more, the dance, a marvel that just seals the imprint of the okgo experience to prefection rocked. I got the Oh No Cd and had a question to whoever reads these comments..whats up with track 14? 9027km literally 34:46 long, totally freaked me out in the car when u suddenly hear shoting sounds (ya, have deaf ears in need of volume but more likely trying to drown out my songstress vocals to damiens). Aside from that, the Cd is awsome! a relief to have solid new tunes. there are still favorites so a few songs still get skipped. going on a tangent much?Come to TORONTO! its where its at

10:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i just had a question, did there used to be a guy that played the drums for ya'll named Josh Davis?
Thanks my email address is

6:00 PM  

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