Sunday, October 30, 2005

AudioKonopka: Washington, DC
We've been asking people to tell Dan their darkest secrets or funniest joke. That is until two nights ago, when a stranger came up to Dan on the street, asked him if he knew the way to St. Tropez, then told him that not only had he been kidnapped by the government and had his brain reprogrammed, but that DARPA was now sending him on secret missions under the cover of night that, it seemed, had less to do with national security than with exposing himself on the bus.

Dan was a bit shaken, and though we've figured out that his accoster wasn't an OK Go fan, the damage was already done. Dan is afraid of your dark secrets and he needs something else to blog about.

From now on, when you see Dan at a show, go up to him and hand him a note with two things on it: a sentence you want him to read, and the celebrity in whose style you'd like him to read it. That'll freak him right out.

Here's his most recent contribution to blog culture:

Real Audio!
Windows Media!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, is it just me, or is the Windows Media link broken? I get an error message: "The source filter for this file could not be loaded."

8:43 PM  
Blogger Jorge said...

try it now.

10:11 PM  
Anonymous Christina said...

DAN! You forgot to audio blog about Boston and the pipecleaner band sculpture that you thought was so amazing. I'm hurt...jk. meeting you guys at the concert on thursday night was really great. You all are so sweet to fans like me. The icing on the cake for the night though was finding out what a crazy rocker juliette lewis is, holy crap! =O!
Tchau! Christina
PS. I still have to get a copy of the picture of me, tim, damian and the sculpture on cd and then i'll e-mail it in :)

10:45 PM  

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