Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Boys Get A Simpsons Shoutout Tonight!
I've been looking everywhere for a clip of the TV promo, but can't seem to find it. So this image of Marge in gym clothes will have to do. I'm sure the OK Go shoutout is only a 2-second passing shot, but pretty exciting nonetheless.



Anonymous Coconutphone said...

LOL That was hilarious! You guys made the Simpsons!!

9:21 PM  
Blogger Buff Magic said...

That was genius, and most likely something you get to cross off the list of things to do/happen before you die. Congratulations!

4:40 PM  
Anonymous Vid said...

I looked around for a clip as well, but I couldn't find one.

The good news is, my frustration at not finding a clip has been channeled constructively (sounds like I've been to anger management, weird) into making my own clip. It's being processed by Youtube as we speak, so when it's finally done, I'll be able to send it you Jorge, and you can share it with the world. YEEESSSSSS.

5:12 PM  
Anonymous Vid said...

I promised. And I deliver. Heh. :D

6:01 PM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

Oh man, I've been waiting for this since January! :D Congratulations!

9:23 PM  
Anonymous nicole Leighton said...

hahaha that was awesome!

5:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


On a completely unrelated note (assuming that someone [Jorge, Rusty?] actually reads the comments section to this blog), when will OK Go be releasing/ start working on their third CD? I impatiently await the day I can, once again, buy tickets to a concert and be completely and utterly in an OK-Go induced coma for months afterwards. :)


P.S. If you talk to Damian, Tim, Dan or Andy please, PLEASE, PLEASE, tell them I love them. Thanks!

12:37 AM  
Anonymous SPDworks said...

Hey:) Love the site and all the links (though nearly all the topish ones lead to 404 error pages now:( Had this favourited ages ago actually, but some tech support Canadian dude remotely managed to fry my harddrive:( Anyway, with the new one up and running (and a spare external so's not to see another fry day like that again,) I'm refavouriting the the place here, as it's always been a dream of mine to paper my house with paisley. I would like to say, though, I'm a bit put off by 21th Cent. Fox's move to pull all stuff you put up concerning The Simpsons run on the amazing and original "Here It Goes Again" vid that obviously the world fell in love with some time ago now. So did Damian and the boys nick that Ep from Matt Groening then? So stupid, really that Fox would take that sorta hard line after surely pulling in loads of advert profits the night they put that treadmill redux up a la Simpsons' style. Well anyway, forgive's just the law student in me (and the appreciative OK Go fan as well, of course) peeking out. Heard as I'm tapping out this long post (sorry for the wordiness, but I'm nearly through now...for now, anyway;) ) that they're in the midst of laying down new tracks, yeah? I hope so. Unlike so many other things, OK Go just keeps getting better (though I rather like their earlier stuff as well) Take care and tell me where I can send neckties for the paisley prince k? And give 'em all hugs from this girl on the east coast in the sunshine state:)

4:51 AM  

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