Monday, November 05, 2007

OK Go Sorta on Oprah
Oprah will be doing an entire episode about YouTube tomorrow and word on the street is that she'll show some part of the Here It Goes Again video, and maybe talk about it. There were rumors about an interview or a performance from the boys, but in the end OK Go lost out to Diddy, Paul Potts and 2004's person of the year: Tyson, the Skateboarding Bulldog. Learn more about the episode on Oprah's site. Learn more about the concept of skateboarding dogs in the world's most unnecessary wikipedia entry.

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Blogger Lori said...

lost out to Diddy?? Jesus effing christ....

9:02 PM  
Anonymous Jose Luis said...

hi jorge, guys!! how you doing?? I'm writing you from argentina, and I must tell you that you must come here man, you have many fans to support you on stage, I mean it, so we're gonna wait you. I hope you can realize a south american tour!!!

11:59 PM  
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Blogger Surrayah said...

I can't believe she would want Diddy on instead of Ok Go! You guys are great and have such unique ideas for videos (especially White Knuckles with the dogs).......thanks for putting something different out there for us to watch and enjoy!!

9:48 PM  

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