Thursday, November 16, 2006

Speeding Internet Of My Heart
Man this Internet is fast. Damian was at the offices of the Boston Globe this afternoon for a live television interview with their rock critic, Sarah Rodman, and it's already here on the blog. Speeding Internet, I love you.

Watch Damian on NECN


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what an awsome interview damian still rocks the hearts of millions ^_^

9:36 PM  
Blogger Rocker said...

Being a die-hard long time super loyal Stones fan, I enjoyed hearing Damian speak about the Stones influence in OKGo's music. When I listened to my first OKGo song on OhNo and subsequently the rest of the CD, I immediately picked up on the Stones influence and made me an INSTANT OkGo fan. The band also has the dynamic charisma, sexy moves (and bods), drop dead good looks, humor, and fashion styling among other qualities that made the Stones great. Not to mention the ability to write a tune that ROCKS! Often on an album, there are a few tracks that you like, but the rest are just okay. On OhNo and the debut album, EVERY song is memorable and sticks in your head all day. Just like the Stones, the band's music has staying power. I would love to see the boys playing with the Stones. What a rush that would be!!!!

10:26 PM  
Anonymous Sheri said...

Very cool! So cute about Cheap Trick :))

To rocker (above): every time a lady I work with sees Damian she calls him a "little Mick Jagger." Don't know if I agree with the resemblance all that much, but I thought you'd appreciate it :D

10:57 PM  

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