Tuesday, June 06, 2006

People of Los Angeles, Your Guest DJ is Tim Nordwind
OK Go's beloved bassist Tim Nordwind will be guest DJ'ing with his good friend DJ Brookie D tomorrow night at Safari Sam's in Los Angeles. That's Tuesday. That's 6/6/06, a recipe for rock and roll.

Safari Sam's is located at 5214 Sunset Blvd. Specific details below, click to enlarge:


Anonymous fabulous karleigh said...

Man, I wish I could go. Yay for people in LA!

<3Fab K of The Trinity

1:10 AM  
Anonymous Taylor said...

I have one question for you guys: Why are you going to every state besides Illinois lately?! And why are you chosing to go to Italy and Russia instead of good ol' Chicago hmm? I'm sorry that was 2 questions but whatever. Please come to Chicago soon or atleast Wisconisn, Indiana, or Iowa!! We miss you back home!! Come visit soon!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!

6:36 PM  
Anonymous alo said...

numero uno, i am totally learning your dance. it has a karate feel to it, and that, i like.
B. come back from europe and go to austin. its SO much better there.
3. your music is grade AA

3:34 AM  

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