Wednesday, May 17, 2006

AudioBlog: Rochester
If you're going to the show at Steel Music Hall in Rochester, NY, this message is for YOU:
5/19/06: Rochester (mp3)
5/19/06: Rochester (real audio)
5/19/06: Rochester (windows media)


Anonymous Erin said...

So, thinking I was totally bold, I put my number on that drawing. I did the shit charlie chaplin stick figure. And as much as I might enjoy a phone call from someone from Ok Go, I pray that when those go up on the gallery (I think that's what Tim said they were for..) my number isnt there...

If not; small price to pay for being stupid.

p.s. awesome show at Steel last night, as per usual.

4:17 PM  
Blogger Kate's Fingers said...

pssst...give orders to those going to the portsmouth gig when you're supporting MCS...please...thanks XD

3:14 PM  

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