Monday, March 06, 2006

Up The Tube With OK Go
We've started a group on YouTube, the video sharing site that you all know and love. They're going to be introducing a bunch of new features, and we're going to experiment with all of them. And we want you to experiment with them, too. We've put up the OK Go dance video and created an OK Go group with the hope of creating a big library of OK Go videos from the band and its fans.

It's easy to join, easy to upload videos, and easy to watch other people's videos.

Go to and get started. Right now the group is sparse and ugly and only has one member: me. But it'll soon be the greatest YouTube group in the history of human endeavor, so get on the train before it leaves the station.

I'm serious, if there aren't 499 more members in the OK Go YouTube group by this time tomorrow, I'm going to write a very mean letter... To RUSTY!


Anonymous Fabulous Karleigh said...

Awesome idea!!!

1:58 AM  
Anonymous Connie said...

Wish almost granted (102 more members)


10:34 PM  
Anonymous amanda said...

happy birthday (belated/early..not quite sure) rusty!

thanks(to you and all the guys) for signing my cd at the SD concert. hope the rest of the tour goes well. :D

1:08 AM  
Blogger erikazaam said...


6:06 PM  

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