Thursday, November 10, 2005

Entertain Yourselves, For Once.
It's Thursday, which means that you're looking for excitement. We've got none of that, but here's some stuff to do while waiting for a drugged unicorn to crash through your window, destroy your couch and threaten to gore you unless you throw him a wild unicorn party on Mars. (Or whatever it is that you find exciting. We're all so different, after all.)

Radio KOL Interview
Damian and OK Go answered questions from fans and tried to sort their ungulates on Radio KOL. Listen, in two clips.
Radio Kol mp3 #1
Radio Kol mp3 #2

CJIQ Interview
Matt Schichter, CJIQ music director and host of The Backstage Pass the best radio program in Kitchener, Ontario, interviewed Tim and Damian a few days ago. You can hear the interview tonight at 7pm on 88.3, or you can listen to all 42 minutes of music and chatter right now, right here:

More MTVu
Vote for us on the MTVu Dean's List. Somehow we've fallen from 1st to 2nd place. That's horsepucky. Fix this horrible wrong by voting here. If you've got a PC you can also watch the Woodies on the MTVu site, with Damian presenting in fine form.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

midgets/little poeple caught on fire eh? hehe thaaat's different. aah these two never fail to entertain me! <3

5:58 PM  
Anonymous felibeli said...

wow that dj sure is excited... and MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH and sismoobah

7:40 PM  

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