Thursday, May 26, 2005

A Choreographer's Tale (Part I)
OK Go has spent the last few weeks creating and perfecting a new end-of-set dance, which they created with the help of an internationally known choreographer. We've asked her to share her experiences with you...

Chapter One.

My name is Trish, though my tribal name is Angry Timberwolf. They call me a choreographer, but I think of myself more as OK Go’s private choreographic adjuvant, a dance-enabler or creative helpmate, if you will. My task, both spiritual and physical, is to focus OK Go’s innate dance energy and to align their vagrant dance planets, all while keeping the boys true to their individual senses of movement, space and self-love.

I showed up for the first day of rehearsals not knowing quite what to expect. Would the boys be wearing leg warmers and unitards? Would they embrace the Earth? Would we start out by doing yoga as a group? Would their souls be old enough to allow their secret-dancers to be reborn? Would they have the finesse, the fortitude, and the proper footwear to withstand the brutality that is this art form, the bone-deep thrashing that calls itself The Dance?

These questions had been with me for ages. I knew the answers would come soon.


Anonymous Myra said...

i want to be able to express myself the way you do. all i say is suck, rock, cool, etc.

dancing is teh shit.

(see? i suck.)


OK Go, I'm psyched for ya.

11:16 PM  
Anonymous Adam said...

I'm scared.

4:40 AM  
Blogger A. Dubs said...

d-d-d-dancing? ....I think I have mixed emotions....

9:40 AM  

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