Monday, March 21, 2005

No More Tears, Lots More Tour
The OK Go tour continues. We've added dates in Canada, Florida, Atlanta. The band is also making another visit to Texas, because Dan left his wallet in El Segundo, and Texas is on the way.

3/21/05 Cleveland, OH — Grog Shop— $10, All Ages
3/23/05 Pittsburgh, PA — Modern Formations— $8, All Ages
3/25/05 Philadelphia, PA — North Star Bar — $10, 21+
3/26/05 Northampton, MA — Pearl Street — $10, All Ages
3/29/05 Burlington, VT — Higher Ground — $10, All Ages
3/30/05 Portland, ME — The Space — $10, 18+
3/31/05 Boston, MA — TT Bears — $10, 18+
4/05/05 Toronto, Canada — El Mocambo Club — $12.50, 19+
4/06/05 Montreal, Canada — TBA
4/08/05 Hoboken, NJ — Maxwell's — $10, All Ages
4/09/05 Brooklyn, NY — North 6th — $10, 18+
4/10/05 Washington, D.C. — Black Cat — $12, All Ages
4/12/05 Atlanta, GA — The Earl — $8, 21+
4/14/05 Jacksonville, FL — Jack Rabbits — $10, All Ages
4/15/05 Seminole, FL — Boomerz Boiler Room — $10, All Ages
4/16/05 Orlando, F L— The Social — $10, 18+
4/17/05 Tallahassee, FL — Club Downunder/FSU — TBA
4/18/05 New Orleans, LA — One Eyed Jacks — $8, 18+
4/20/05 Houston, TX — Mary Jane's Fat Cat — $8, All Ages
4/21/05 Dallas, TX — Trees — $10, 17+

The Sun and Army Of Me will be joining us on certain dates. Tim has been leaving audio blog messages for each show, so if you're planning on going to a concert, make sure you get your instructions first. Check them out here


Blogger Karen Uh-Oh said...

To the Blogmaster:

The HTML code on this page creeps into view when you subscribe to the XML feed (using, in my case). I have no license to use these acronyms so freely, but even if you don't subscribe and read the actual blog from the original source the taskbar button is nonsensical code too.

Sorry to be all Princess and the Pea about this. I will live with or without the visible code. The fab entries are the only thing that matters.

4:36 PM  
Blogger Jorge said...

Working on it. I think I've got the page header down. Any suggestions on the rest? Thanks!

6:09 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

Hello Rusty, I am a somewhat new fan of OK Go and have enjoyed reading your blog because I am learning new things about the band as you begin life on the road with the boys. I noticed your tour was hoping around Indiana for a while, but I would like to put my request in for you guys to come visit us in Indianapolis! I am willing to drive to college towns such as Bloomington or Layfayette...hell, I am also willing to drive to nearby states, so I will look for you guys to come back around the midwest!

2:03 PM  
Anonymous Jill said...

So will OK Go be adding more tour dates after those in April? Or will they be taking a break?

7:13 PM  
Anonymous mcnelly said...

shucks, just as you add in dates for canada? they're 19+. I - being 17 and an avid fan of ok go for years - am disappointed. shaaaaaaaame!

4:12 PM  

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