Sunday, November 20, 2005

Chapter Fifty-Three: Piping? Hot.
After Wednesday's show in Minneapolis, Damian and I tore through some horrendous gas station pizza, flipping through the local weekly as we ate. We were particularly pleased by this ad in the "Musicians Wanted" section:

"Drummer for orig, innovative bagpipes/hard rock/alt/acoustic type band. This is gonna go off - hurry call!"

Bagpipes? I wasn't aware that was a genre. Can't you totally imagine the following conversation?

"So, Chuck, what's your band sound like?"
"Ah, well, we got like a Staind meets Alice In Chains meets Goo Goo Dolls meets Scottish folk music type thing. You know, like supah fuckin' heavy, but still really pop. You know, like, real fuckin' melodic. And when my cousin Tommy starts rippin' on the fuckin' pipes... I mean, he's a fuckin' genius. You know what I mean? We take what Korn did and we bring it to a whole new level... We don't hold nothing back. We're takin' pipe-core to its limits."

I can't wait to eat my words when that "band from Minneapolis with the bagpipes" blows up, sells 10 zillion records, and graciously invites us to open for them. Seriously... I can not wait.


Anonymous Felibeli said...

I cant wait either...sounds like the new Fall out boy.

5:00 PM  
Anonymous Felibeli said...

ps.if i am not one of the first 360 in line for the launch party tomorrow i expect you guys to sneek me in...

5:06 PM  
Blogger Jessica said...

Actually, it sounds like this band called Bad Haggis that I heard on the radio Friday, though they're from Los Angeles. Actually a pretty awesome sound.


6:19 PM  
Anonymous dana said...

Bad Haggis. What a abso-fucking-lutely amazing band name.

I'm glad you boys are livin' it up on tour. And enjoying the local color, even if it entails gross gas station food. Maybe you've learned your lesson, eh? McDonald's is always a better choice than a gas station.

Ah, I love you.

7:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ugh....who wants another fall out boy?? guys were amazing at tower records...very ace....=)

8:22 PM  
Blogger jackie said...


9:33 PM  
Anonymous karleigh the fabulous said...

I want to hear this band because they're so oxymoronic.

Dude, I was reading damian's blog and I have to say that he can't hold a candle to you or Tim. Lol.

10:37 PM  
Blogger Katy* said...

Wait- doesn't Dropkick use bagpipes???? Rusty, you, as the Massachusetts boy that you are, should not be surprised by the bagpipes. My roommate is slightly insulted- she says "They're our boys!" Speaking of that, I have to fight to get tix for their show on Tuesday...

"Bad Haggis." Ha. That's great.

And I quite enjoy Damian's blog, thank you. No, he's not quite as humourous as you, Rusty, or Tim, but I think he's said a lot of really intelligent things. Seriously, if he ever wants to run for president, I'll totally run his campaign for him. I've got the poster design made up and everything.

12:08 AM  
Anonymous Connie said...

Andy is the Rustmeister. Unless he has an awesome alternate which case would be supah-hot.

Like, dupah-hot.

12:39 AM  
Anonymous Matt said...

No bagpipes, but Tempest has already been doing the folk-meets-hard rock thing for years. Check them out.

1:35 AM  
Anonymous copulating_with_rusty said...

I'm pretty sure you will enjoy the humor in this:

The "music" definitely vaidates the name Whistle Core. I stumbled upon it, and now it is safe to say that I officially have a soundtrack to my nightmares.

I was unaware that giving birth to new genres was so facile.

2:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I should look these guys up. I'm not a drummer, but i've been looking to add bagpipe to my grindcore group.

3:35 AM  
Blogger veryspecial_k said...

Rusty, you adorable clever clever boy. You make me giggle. I need that!

9:45 AM  
Anonymous Margerine said...

yeah the Dropkick Murphys do use bagipe and tinwhistle and other traditional stuff like that.
But I don't blame you, Andy, for not knowing that. <3

3:54 PM  
Anonymous chuck bangamazone said...

Dude, I'm a friggin'awesome bagpiper. I rip that shit up. I'm Italian, but I play bagpipes like a friggin' bastid. If only I could find a drummer. I don't care if he's good or nothin, as long as he's got sticks and cymbals and shit. The people want my pipes. There is a market for this shit, dude. I'm serious. I know the Dropkick Murphy's have B-Pipes but I don't care cuz they're not as awesome as Metallica and I'm gonna be even more awesome than Metallica, if that's possible. Yeah it is possible. Metallica doesn't have b-pipes. They are totally fuckin awesome though. Lars is a awesome drummer. If I could find someone like Lars. That'd be awesome. But he doesn't need to be good or nothing. I just wanna jam out and rip shit up. Just so long as he doesn't hit all soft like a bagina then I'm happy.

12:44 AM  
Blogger liz said...

dude- you're a good writer. mom must be proud- talented with words and music. keep up the posts.

7:50 PM  
Blogger PINKSandROSES said...

i'm sure they just needed the bagpipes for a certain song... that's all...

6:01 PM  
Anonymous lizzie said...

i want to fuck you all!!

9:26 PM  
Anonymous Wong Online PoK√©r Hu said...

Yeah, what in the world would their music sound like? Anyway, I don't want to comment further, I might eat my words someday.

4:21 AM  
Anonymous leah said...

hahaha you're so awesome, i love it <3

1:40 PM  
Blogger Amesie said...

Celtic rock bands are awesome. My brother plays the pipes. So does my dad. :P woot for bagpipes.

You guys rock. :D

7:09 PM  

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