Saturday, April 09, 2005

Audioblog: Washington, DC
If you're going to the Washington, DC show, this message is for YOU:
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Anonymous Julianne said...

Hah. Was this due to Damian's constantly ripping his pants?

The possible cause of which that woman at the Hoboken show determined.

10:45 PM  
Anonymous Brittany said...

unfortunately, silly "schoolwork" got in the way of stretch-pants shopping this weekend.

I did have time to bake a batch of cookies for the band, though... (does that mean I'm totally round the bend - baking for a band?)

7:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My review of this show, which blew me away:

Last night, fucking fantastic show. I'm amazed -- they've got one album, I have it, love half and think the other half's good, but their show is so much better than their album. Man, I will now see Ok Go every and any time I get a chance. They're like a mini-Sloan.

So, first off, this band is cute! I wanted to bundle them up and take them home. All wearing ties, lead singer in a red pants/striped shirt/striped tie/really big and sparkly tie tack and cufflinks ensemble. Not annoying or forced at all -- very cool.

The music was great – solid, energetic power pop that sounds louder, harder and better live than it does on record. And I like the record. This is when I first started thinking of them as a mini-Sloan -- I think they've got that in them. The lead singer, who was obviously battling a cold or blossom-induced allergies, soldiered on with energy, stage and drum kit jumps and a sense of humor. He reminded me of an indie David Cassidy (YOUNG Cassidy, and indie!).

And this band has a sense of humor. While the guitarist was replacing a string, the lead singer and bassist did a five-minute long a capella scene from Les Miz that was absolutely hilarious, both dead on and completely exaggerated at the same time. I’m sure you’re not getting how much fun that was from my review, but it was a blast.

Now to the encore – not everyone's favorite part of a show (as it's become completely rote). After about an hour and 20 minute set (a very good showing from a band with only one album, showing that it can be done), they came out and the singer took the mike, talking to the audience. He said: some you may know that we, as a band, are not fans of the encore. Doesn’t seem right that you pay your money, and then the band requires you to beg them to come back out and play 3 songs they planned to play all along. And we think we just put on a damn good rock show. But, we do have one thing left.

The guys lined up, backs to the audience, and a tape of their song “C-C-C-Cinamon Girl” came on. They then did a dance and lip-synching routine that was absolutely classic – not boy band mocking, but full-on Brady Bunch Variety Special choreography. I was enthralled – and on a Sunday, which is a terrible day for a show. And late – they didn’t go on until 11:20.

Place was about half full, but the crowd that was there was dancing and clapping a lot. I was just about at the back of the packed-in part of the crowd, and behind me it looked more like a dance club than a concert. Lots of fun. And a Sunday, for goodness sake!

New album comes out this summer.

I liked Army of Me as well. I would definitely catch them again, though they’re no Ok Go.

2:55 PM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

that show was amazing. its the first time i've seen aok go before, and i now love them even more. i cannot wait for "oh no" to come out this summer.
I <3 damien. and of course, the rest of the wonderful guys. and the outfits were perfect. haha

9:48 PM  

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