Sunday, April 17, 2005

Audioblog: New Orleans
If you're going to the New Orleans show, I've composed this special message for YOU:
Real Audio
Windows Media


Blogger elizabertie said...

You've sent a chill up my spine with this one.....have you discovered the mark of the (sexy) beast on your bandmate Damian?!?! *EEEK, EEK EEEEK!* Have you seen the symbol of the beast (the letters O-K-G-O) on his left buttock?!?!

Don't worry, there's only a couple more weeks left on the tour. In the mean time, I think you're doing the right thing by feeding him low-carb snacks (a world without carbs is as close to hell as you're gonna get).

If you're unsure, I will gladly join you on the tour to inspect Damian's buttocks and appease his sexy-beastliness in whatever way I am able. Just let me know. Good luck, Brother Tim. *waves the OK hand sign in a circle and winks in your direction*

4:14 PM  

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