Thursday, March 17, 2005

Chapter Twenty-One: Green Means 'Go
St. Patrick's Day. OK Go rolled up to the Phoenix Hill Tavern (Louisville, KY), ready to drop some Erin-Go-Brah science on a welcoming crowd. Unfortunately, 99% of Louisville was packed into the strip of Irish bars a few blocks down the street. No matter...the rock was still unleashed.

Phoenix Hill is a mega-complex with something like five stages and 27 bars. Upstairs there was an early 90's cover band playing. It's safe to say their room wasn't packed because we actually heard them scream at their audience, "C'mon Louisville... WAKE UP!!!" Ouch.


St. Rustick


Blogger Anna said...

this is late and i dont think u will look here! but i live in louisville and i think u should come back and be a concert for people of all ages! -anna biggest fan in louisville (i think and hope)

6:52 PM  

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