Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Steaks Is High
What's the expression? When in Rome eat a lot of pizza and stuff? It goes something like that, I think. Well, if Rome was Philadelphia and you was looking for a delicious snack, the choice, in my opinion, is obvious: cheesesteaks. We rolled over to the famous duo of Pat's and Geno's. Some people say they're overrated, but honestly, why waste time rating things when you can just enjoy? We wanted Grade D beef covered in Cheez Whiz, and we got it. On all of my previous trips to cheesesteak mecca, I've gotten one of each, to decide who's better. I'm happy to say that Pat's King Of Steaks was victorious on this trip ("happy" because the other place, Geno's, was non-ironically selling "Freedom Fries" and were all about the electrocution of Mumia Abu-Jamal).

Note to self: A pound (liter?) of liquid cheez is neither good for the vocal chords nor the stomach. Try not to consume two cheesesteaks before singing and/or jumping around.

(written 3.25.05)


Blogger alex or eric said...

One time I went to Atlantic City and Philly in the same incredibly cold December day. Missed the train back to New York 'cause I was taking pictures of my friend on a cherry picker in the middle of the Philly train station. I don't care what P-Getz says, Pat's is totally better. Plus, it tastes really good when it's free from slot machine winnings. Here's to go-carts and cheesesteaks everywhere, Eric

P.S. Tony Luke's, another great Philly institution has opened in Hell's Kitchen in NYC. Great cheesesteak, great pork sandwich, and many other great things to keep your arteries busy and confused.

6:44 PM  
Blogger Jorge said...

Tony Luke's, huh? Sounds good. Where is it?

8:45 PM  

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