Saturday, March 12, 2005

Chapter Sixteen: Just Kidding! Jacket Required!
Lawrence, Kansas knows how to rock. A wonderful crowd was out at the Bottleneck for a fine evening of rock and a glorious, if not disastrous, unveiling of a fan-favorite from the last album (previewed the night before in Omaha). What most struck me in Lawrence, however, was the resistance of indigenous folk to wearing warm clothing.

Seriously, on the way back from dinner I saw three guys wearing (almost identical) t-shirts and shorts. It must have been 40 degrees out. At the show, fan after fan kept coming in wearing only a t-shirt. Have you people heard of jackets? It's cold out there!

I have to say, OK Go is officially hooked on the Photo Hunt game on those little bar video game things. The game shows you two almost identical pictures (usually involving a scantily-clad human) and you have to find five differences between the two. It's my personal goal to put OK Go as the #1 score in every bar across the country. So far we can claim the Bottleneck and some shady truck stop in Nebraska. Only 746,789,321 to go (It's a really big country).




Anonymous darkhumorgirl said...

*note: your bottleneck nudie photo hunt score has officially been topped. Guess you'll have to reclaim your territory next time you roll through the KS!

9:29 PM  
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