Sunday, February 20, 2005

Chapter Three: We Dance Our Pants Off
Rock lovers,

So, the OK Go 2005 Spring Pant-Rip Bonanza continues. Yes friends, Damian's pants once again were torn apart last night, this time busting from the crotch to the knee. I'm starting to think that he just wants to take his pants off on-stage and this is his twisted excuse for doing so.

The high point of the evening was definitely the "make-out scene". Allow me to explain: during the opening act (This Is Me Smiling -- who were cool, btw) there was a couple on the side of the room going at it. I mean, holy shit, this was some making out... the four of us in the band were pretty sure their lips were actually attached. Anyway, before we played our ultra-romantic steamy love ballad "Oh No", Damian convinced said couple to come onstage and lip-lock for the entire audience. Success!

I also had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Duncan for the first time... an extremely nice man with excellent taste in pants. He seems to be doing well and I assured him that I'd do everything in my power to uphold the legacy of Slam Duncan.

Hope to see you at the Empty Bottle tonight!




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha! Rusty you really have a good sense of humour.

And you play good as well.

Keep rocking, Ok Go.

You have my support! You too, rusty! :D

6:18 AM  

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