Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Chapter Six: Love Will Tear Us Apart
Madams and sirs,

Two self-proclaimed superfans from Chicago made the seven and half hour drive to see us (in Ames, Iowa), then spent the entire show yelling insults. They stuck around afterwards to explain, in intoxicated and repetitive detail, that they love us so much that they feel entitled complain about everything we do. "We've been hearing things about your new album," they said with a ominous squint. "It better not be different from the old album..." I had no idea that fan-ship was such a love-hate affair...




Anonymous Tandera (tan-dra) said...

I love OkGo. I would like to say I would never insult you guys unless you did something incredibly stupid and uncool then it would be my duty to let you know how foolish you are behaving. Anyway I dragged my 6'4 270lb. angry black brother to your show in Austin at Stubb's and he said you guys were pretty cool. I hope you come back soon because that 2 year lag between albums nearly killed was a dreadful experience.

If you guys ever want to play at a prom say perhaps next spring May 6 in Austin,Tx at the Four Seasons Hotel it would be most appreciative.

10:09 AM  

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