Monday, February 21, 2005

Chapter Five: The Band Gets Competitive
Rockers (also, Rollers),

Today was the tour's first off-day. We drove from Chicago to Ames, Iowa where we'll be playing a show at the Maintenance Shop tomorrow night. With the night off and a recreation center in the building in which we're staying, there was only option: skills competition!

Damian, our merch guy Mike, (a quick note on our touring crew: we're out with our tour manager, Mike Kent, and our merch guy, Mike Clark. Put their names together and you get "Mike Mike" and "Clark Kent." Am I the only one who finds this fascinating?), and myself hit the bowling alley first. (A quick note about the bowling alley - it's called "The Strike Zone", which is a decent name for a bowling alley except for the fact that the building in which it's located is called the "Union Building." Damian made the excellent point that the "Union Strike" would be far more appropriate and clever. I have to agree. Am I also the only one who finds this fascinating?)

Damian showed up on top, rolling a fine 144 to my 122 and Clark's 75. To Clark's credit, he was doing the spinny ball thing where you make the ball loop around to the middle of the pins, and we're pretty certain that the lanes weren't oiled correctly... or maybe he wasn't. I saved face by besting DK(NY) in an extremely close game of pool. It truly was a night of recreation in a center designed for just that purpose.

If you are here at Iowa State, come on out tomorrow night and enjoy the rock!




Anonymous Anonymous said...

thats facinating. lol

2:23 AM  
Blogger The Stone Hammers said...


Mike emailed me.

Thank's Mike!

5:38 PM  

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